Thursday, May 24, 2012

Creating a Bootable USB the hassle free way

There are a lots of softwares available for making bootable and live USB's but they all fail at one distro or another. So here is a magic bullet that fits all. All you need is a bootable OR live distro's iso image file. If you have a live distro you'd get a live USB, if you only have bootable iso image you would get a bootable USB only. First locate your USB
sudo fdisk -l

Then run this, replace path-to-iso with the path to where the iso file is on your disk and the ? with drive letter for your USB
dd if=/path-to-iso of=/dev/sd?

dd if=/home/me/ubu.iso of=/dev/sdc
Note: Do not include the numeric number e.g. its /dev/sdc and NOT /dev/sdc1!

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