Sunday, June 6, 2010

All set for the change

For years i have been contemplating moving permanently to the Linux platform. Every time one thing or the other kept me from moving on. Last week i finally found a version of matlab that works on linux :). Now i am already for the change. Here is a check list that you might find convincing
1. Skype works
2. Chrome works
3. VLC works
4. No need for MS office when you have got Open office
5. what else can a kid want more from a PC :P so it means you can also join the big guys :P :D
6. Now dont get thinkin that he is callin me a kid and what about himself, well as for me i have had a dual boot system with fedora for years and lately i have been using Virtual Box to use Linux inside Windows :)

Open source rox, besides in Pk no one really bothers about piracy but if you think of it it is equivalent to stealing, so its better to stop it :)

1 comment:

  1. well, first of all there is no comparison between Microsoft Office and Open Office. Open Office is just for poor ppl or Google who are adamant for going opensource entirely; thats doesn't means its good. Open office is the only alternative of Microsoft Office and thats all it is.

    Second about piracy. Its not stealing. When something is available and u can buy it for million $ and u obtain that something for free without permission or prior knowledge of the owner or the creator then its stealing. e.g. You just can buy legal Music in Pakistan; no iTunes, no Amazon and no other online or offline service is available here. For that reason they actually doesn't exist here. The record studios doesn't exists here; in that case u get music or don't get it, it make no different to the distributor.

    If itunes was selling songs in Pakistan then 1$ per song and if u download 30 songs per month then its 30$ and thats Rs. 2500/- which is very reasonable and i'll will definitely buy them, but for them I can't stop listening music. I am ready to buy Music, Movies, Apps at reasonable price but they aren't available here so its there fault.

    Windows is a well established platform and it prevailed the industry for the last 15 yrs. All top notch softwares are develop on windows and for that are available on windows. If someone opt linux he will get alternatives of almost every single software but its will just be an another alternative, it wont be the best; so all you do is tweaking, emulating etc for every good software windows has i.e. Photoshop.