Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Lab work submission

All the labwork will be submitted online. I have created separate drops for all sections. All labwork, assignments and projects should be submitted online.

The follwoing drops have been created

Programming for Engineers lab - El-1                                    

Programming for Engineers lab - El-2                                    

Programming for Engineers lab - El-5                                    

Programming for Engineers lab - El-6                                    

The password for the guest account is 123456 for all the drops. Make sure  you submit your work on your designated drop.

Submission format

You are advised to strictly follow the submission guidelines.

If you have more than one files zip them or tar them into a single archive. Rename the archive to <lab #>-<roll number> e.g. lab11-104535

Any work submitted in non-standard format will not be acceptable and will result in loss of marks.

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