Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Removing Ubuntu

It is rumoured that uninstalling Ubuntu is not possible. Well the news is,  it is very much possible to remove Ubuntu.

Here is how to do it.

1. Boot into windows

2. Go to control panel -> Administrative tools -> computer management -> disk management.

3. Over here select the drive on which ubuntu is installed, right click and select delete drive

4. Now you may wish to turn it into a new drive  by right clicking and creating a new volume, partition logical drive etc, based upon your configuration

5. Insert a windows cd. windows xp or windows 7

6. Reboot your computer and startup select boot options (usually F12 key brings up this menu) and select boot from CD.

7. Press any key to continue

8. Now while the CD loads do not press any function key.

9. On the menu that finally appears press R to enter the recovery console

10. It will search for already installed windows

11. Select appropriate number for the windows install, usually with a single windows installation it is 1.

12. Now if asked for a password provide the administrator password. This is usually the password with which you log in or in case you dont have one then just press enter.

13. Issue the command fixmbr

14. It will give some scary warnings, at your own risk press "y" :p

15. Your done. Reboot and enjoy! :)

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