Sunday, September 12, 2010

Mechinical, electrical or should i become a doctor???

Firstly have a look at the following links

Now there are two things to do:
1. Laugh about it, that they are nuts doing all these specialized courses. We dont need such education, it does not matter that we dont have technology, so what we will have what they have eventually!
2. Be concerned, we can think of nothing more than dactar, engineer or those who are left commerce or accounting. What are our career options??? With the education system that we have the best we can hope for is become a technician! Sadly even at Masters level we have course like Masters in Electrical Engineering!! WOW!!!
3. OOPs! i forgot, there is a third option too which i forgot and is i guess the most valid one. You did not get what is being talked about here. Dont worry, we after all live in a country where people find it hard to find averages! Studying, hard work, dedication and motivation is a remote concept. We dont have time to waste for all this, we have facebook to use, friends to talk to, seasons to watch, movies to download and ofcourse porn (its a fact). Why study?
And yes we have a plan for the future, loot and plunder, thats the norm of the day! I used to wonder why we are in such a state, now its obvious, we have got nothing else to do :D

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